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4 of the most common myths on creativity


In my experience working with business executives, I was shocked to find out that many of these professionals do not consider themselves to be creative people. Even though they have risen to positions of power, they feel as though their job does not give them a chance to classify themselves as creatives. This notion could not be further from the truth however, as creativity can manifest itself in a variety of different ways

Creativity is something that lies within us all and while we can all be creative in different ways, there are certain individuals that seem to be able to access their creativity on almost any whim. While many people believe that there are creative people and noncreative people, this is just one of the top myths that surround the valuable trait of creativity. Here are some of the foremost common myths that you may have heard about creativity and how you can work at accessing your creative side by choosing to stomp out these myths every day.

01 / A small population of people are creative and I am not in that population: Everyone has great ideas and when we look back at some of the most famous creative leaders and inventors we start to realize that they come from fairly common backgrounds. Creativity doesn’t necessarily come from someone with a proven high IQ or someone that has an extensive amount of education, everyone has a creative side and it’s just a matter of time before you can access the connection to your creative side.

02 / Creativity cannot be learned: Every human being has some form of creativity inside them. We don’t necessarily have a fixed amount of creative energy that we use throughout our lives. Sometimes accessing our creative side takes a little practice. Just as an athlete trains, creativity can be learned by performing the right exercises with our brain.

03 / All creativity is art: The way that creativity is used doesn’t necessarily have to be an art form or a creation. Putting a label on creativity will only stifle your confidence. You can be creative by generating a new scientific process, writing an essay from research results or even finding a faster way to get to work each day! Creativity doesn’t need to be an artform and its everywhere in our lives.

04 / Real creativity come out of only a Eureka moment: When we get a really great idea we might sometimes feel a sudden wash of insight. A Eureka moment doesn’t always have to occur in a flash or of nowhere. Often an idea needs to sit and incubate for some time before we can come up with a creative new way of approaching it. Creativity can come out of education, repetition, mirroring another’s progress and a wealth of other connections.

Keep some of these top myths in mind about creativity and remember that no matter who you are, you are a creative person.


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