In my world,
small doesn’t
cut it.

It’s big thinking
that makes
a difference.

As a citizen of the world, privileged to have lived across the globe, and an avid people observer, I’ve learned that creativity and innovation can connect people and cultures to move us forward.

rational inventor

With nothing more than my curiosity, my courage to explore and my inherent need to connect ideas to people, I’m proud to have inspired change in numerous brands, organizations and individuals.

By delivering compelling brand strategies and stories; activating brands, products and services both traditionally and digitally; and mentoring and coaching the next generation of creative leaders, I have helped transform organizations from the ground up.

From an early age, I was fascinated with the process of creating ideas out of seemingly unconnected things, conceiving them and materializing them. There is nothing more fulfilling than watching something you’ve created in your mind become real and observing how it impacts the world around you.

As the years went on and technology became an integral part of my daily life, I realized that creativity alone is not enough, if not combined with innovation, to create ideas that are worth spreading.

This fascination has driven me to successfully climb the creative ladder, working alongside some of the best creative minds in the world, in multinational advertising agencies, regional and multinational brands as well as in tech start-ups.

I’m proof that traditional labels of what a creative is were made to be broken.

From the non-stop hustle of generating brand and campaign ideas, as a Digital Creative Director at Leo Burnett - London and Dubai, to working in the fast paced world of telecommunication, launching Virgin Mobile Qatar and reestablishing Ooredoo’s digital presence. Most recently, supporting a nation’s vision, as the Marketing Director of Qatar Museums, who under the Patronage of Sheikha Mayassa Bint Hamad Al Thani who is transforming Qatar to become an arts and cultural hub through a portfolio of museums, heritage sites and educational programs by the year 2030. No longer do I wear one hat. I am a "hybrid creative" and will always work towards stretching myself.

Despite a successful track record of winning and judging multiple global advertising awards, growing brands, organizations and teams, speaking engagements and training staff, over the past 16 years I increasingly came to the realization that more could have been done, that creativity and innovation more often than not were applied to select projects only, and allowed to be exercised only by a select few who were labeled as so.  

This left me with questions: “what if we empower everyone to be creative?”; “how would organizations function then?” and “how would we better serve societies needs and wants?”.

With these questions in mind, I decided to give up the security of a career in order to support businesses and individuals in realizing their full creative potential and I haven’t regretted it since.

I am an independent consultant who has mentored and coached start-ups, co-founded a technology start-up of my own, and assembled the best industry professionals around in FYE Assembly, to solve some of today’s big organizational challenges.

Which brings me to you,

I believe we all have the power to create and that this power can be exercised by everyone, and not just the ‘creative’ few.

The rapid pace of change in society, politics and technology means that many more people around the world now have the desire, the tools and the resources to turn their ideas and aspirations into reality.

Yet, have you ever wondered why some people, companies or organizations seem to achieve more with the same knowledge, resources, skills and opportunities?

The difference is what I call Big Thinking.

In business, people often go on (and on) about the big idea. From experience, this is a favorite mantra of the advertising and marketing worlds. And yet, while they understand the importance of big ideas in achieving breakthroughs, differentiation and even competitive advantage, the execution is often lacking.

Big Thinking, is a combination of thinking processes and empowerment to think collaboratively across departments; one leader, one team and one person at a time, to solve big challenges.

I’m here to support you in reaching your full creative potential.

As creative innovation activist I specialize in activating creativity and innovation through organizational structures. Whether you’re starting your business or already have an established organization, I help you to think big. Through consulting, mentoring and coaching, as an ICF certified coach, I can help you to produce superior products and services.

Whether it be supporting you with strategic design, creative and marketing consulting, product development in the digital realm, and creative management - I am here to inject some creativity and innovation into your organization.

Let’s start thinking bigger together.